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Big S Project for Shacman Heavy Duty Truck Users
  • Definition of “Big S”
  • Big S is an abbreviation of big service for Shacman heavy duty truck users. It is a service guarantee system that is aimed to create the maximum value for users and makes OEMs, dealers and service providers interact with the users.

  • Core Concept of “Big S”
  • The service core is to integrate each enterprise’s unique advantage, establish a service guarantee system in line with market requirements, take positive and effective means to manage and control and make this system run in a stable and effective way, further play a greater and more active utility.

  • Project Goals of “Big S”

1) To build the world’s largest service network system.
2) To build the country’s best service brand.
3) To create the industry’s fastest service channel.
4) To build the best service team to satisfy Shacman heavy duty truck users..

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