Water Truck

  • SHACMAN F2000 4×2 Water Truck
  • SHACMAN F2000 4×2 Water Truck
    Shacman water truck (F2000 4×2)is a kind of engineering machinery used to transport water for human drinking, agricultural irrigation and fire suppression. Sprinkler trucks are also applicable for spraying water to clean the road and dust on construction sites. Watering truck can not only be used for watering trees and cleaning roads, but also can transport water under emergency situation ...
  • SHACMAN F2000 6×4 Water Truck
  • SHACMAN F2000 6×4 Water Truck
    Shacman water trucks (F2000 6×4) are also referred to watering carts, sprinkler trucks, sprinkling trucks, water spraying vehicles, multi-functional sprinklers, landscaping sprinklers and water tankers. It is often used for the cleaning of roads, fences, factories, mines and constructions, and can provide water for trees, green belts, green lawns, etc. It is equipped with nozzles at the front and back achieving ...

Shacman water trucks are also known as sprinkler trucks, watering trucks, sprinkling trucks and water carts. They are suitable for road washing, watering trees, green belts and lawns, high-altitude building flushing in road and construction industries. This heavy truck possesses water sprinkling, pesticide spraying and fence flushing functions. It is equipped with front flushing, back sprinkling and side spraying configurations. Shacman water truck is also installed with sprinkling platform and self-priming pump. Shacman sprinkler trucks use the engine to drive gearboxes, then to push the power take-off on the gearbox to drive sprinkler pump. Once the sprinkler pump generates power, the liquid inside the tank will be sprayed out through the pipe network.

Shacman water truck is widely applicable to the greening of cities, parks, squares and roads. It can also be used for large industrial dust removal job. According to the actual needs of our customers, Shacman can provide high-quality and personalized sprinkler trucks. Watering truck can also be employed for temporary emergency fire sprinkling water.

According to its application, we can provide a variety of Shacman water trucks as follows: green spray trucks, multifunction sprinkler trucks, sprinkling trucks with crane, tank water sprinklers and emergency fire watering carts. Shacman mainly supply F2000 6×4 type and F2000 8×4 water cart.


  1. Basic Components

Shacman water truck is mainly composed of antirust tank, power takeoff, transmission shaft, dedicated self-priming sprinkling water pump, pipe network, spraying outlet, working platform and II chassis.

  1. Optional Configuration

There are many optional configurations for sprinkler trucks, such as GPS, universal nozzle, solenoid valve, pneumatic valve, visual operating system, external power, and so on.

Care and Maintenance

  1. Cleaning of Shacman Water Truck Chassis

We need to conduct a comprehensive cleaning for the chassis of Shacman sprinkler trucks. While cleaning, we should put the high pressure water jet under the boss plate and make sure the water spraying is in the same direction of boss plate. This can effectively remove the mud and gravel attached to the plate.

  1. Surface Cleaning

After cleaning the classis, we can clean the Shacman water truck body. First, use tap water to flush the surface from top to bottom so as to wash away larger volume of gravels on the truck body. Then use a towel to gently wipe the sprinkler trucks from the roof to the bottom. Please remember to clean the painted surface nearer to the chassis carefully to prevent the watering truck painted surface from scratching by sand.。

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