Dump Truck

  • SHACMAN F2000 Dump Truck
  • SHACMAN F2000 Dump Truck
    SHACMAN F2000dump truck is a refined product line positioned in the high-end market of the truck manufacturing industry. It is mainly applied for short transport of bulk materials in construction and mining projects, such as sand, gravel, dirt, ore and slag. SHACMAN dump truck mainly consists of truck chassis and truck bed made of carbon steel. Customers can choose ...
  • SHACMAN F3000 Dump Truck
  • SHACMAN F3000 Dump Truck
    Shacman F3000 dump truck is produced relying on the strong R & D capability of state-level enterprise technical center and post-doctoral research station. Shanqi combines with European well-known heavy truck designing company to select domestic new generation of high-strength lightweight materials and adopt patented technology design to produce high-capacity Shacman ...
  • STEYR 6×4 Dump Truck
  • STEYR 6×4 Dump Truck
    STEYR 6×4 dump truck adopts mature technology and its chassis is higher than Delong series. STEYR tipper truck is quite suitable for short and medium distance transportation. STEYR series dumpers possess reliable structure, strong load capacity, strong power, stable performance and higher market awareness. It can adapt to harsh environments of construction site and mining area...
  • STEYR 8×4 Dump Truck
  • STEYR 8×4 Dump Truck
    STEYR 8×4 dump truck adopts advanced key assemblies. It is reasonably connected by adopting advanced technology. The whole vehicle is featured with outstanding power performance, economical efficiency, reliability and environmental protection. This heavy duty dump truck is well suited for short and medium distance transportation. STEYR series dumpers possess reliable structure...

Dump truck is a kind of vehicle extensively used in construction machinery. It is also known as tipper truck or dumper. This truck is specially designed for all kinds of transportation vehicles. It is appropriate for STEYR engine, powerful CUMMINS engine, FULLER transmission and ZF steering gear with distinguished performance. It is mainly composed of chassis, hydraulic lifting mechanism, cargo compartment and power take-off device. Shacman dump truck has two different series for option, each with different engine power and transmission. We can manufacture various types of tipper trucks to support different loads, such as trucks of 6×4 or 8×4 drive, dumper truck with payload from 10 tons to 50 tons. According to the application of truck, we also supply transport type and mining type. The transfer dump truck is a kind of transportation equipment used to transfer containers and garbage. It has a dump box that can be removed from the cab.

Shanqi tipper truck is usually used for carrying sand, gravel, stone and dirt from one place to another. Dump trucks are extensively used in construction and engineering industries, such as national defense, aviation, postal service, railway construction, highway, harbor, earthmoving project, and so forth.

Shacman tipper truck is a special transport vehicle equipped with a loading compartment that can realize automatic discharging. This can greatly save labor, shorten the transport cycle, improve working efficiency and reduce transport cost.

Specifications of Dump Truck

Model F2000 6×4, F2000 8×4, F3000 6×4, F3000 8×4, STEYR 6×4, STEYR 8×4
Transmission FAST
Output 260 HP to 420 HP
  • 1. New tipper trucks must complete the following process: overall check, factory commissioning, smooth shifting and loading compartment lifting.
  • 2. We need to lubricate dump trucks regularly, which can greatly save labor and improve transporting efficiency.
  • 3. Customers need to remember that each truck has its own rated load capacity. No overloading is quite necessary.

Shaanxi Automobile Group is a professional supplier of dump trucks in China. In addition to tipper truck, we also provide tractor truck, garbage truck, powder truck, crane truck, water truck, oil tank truck, concrete mixer truck and cargo truck. Shacman trucks have been exported to more than 80 countries including Eastern Europe and CIS countries, Africa, Southeast Asia, Central and South America, Middle East, etc. They are highly appraised by our customers.

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