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  • SHACMAN F2000 6×4 Crane Truck
  • SHACMAN F2000 6×4 Crane Truck
    F2000 6×4 crane truck is suitable for loading and transportation of building materials used in municipal construction, mining engineering, landscaping, and so forth. This crane truck possesses many advantages including convenient and quick transportation, reliable performance, smooth operation and high safety. The crane uses new hydraulic motor with big torque, which ensures safe secondary ...
  • SHACMAN F2000 8×4 Crane Truck
  • SHACMAN F2000 8×4 Crane Truck
    SHACMAN F2000 8×4 crane truck is quite suitable for cargo loading and unloading in construction area and urban construction. It can realize convenient and quick transportation. This truck mounted crane is mainly made up of truck chassis, crane accessories, body, power takeoff and crane. Shaanxi Automobile Group is a professional manufacturer and supplier of F2000 8×4 crane trucks...

Crane truck is a commonly known name of truck mounted crane. It is a kind of transportation vehicle that the crane and chassis are combined together. Truck crane is mainly composed of cargo boom, rotary table, rack, landing legs and other parts. It is capable of lifting its load on site. This mobile crane is extensively applicable for the lifting and transportation of infrastructure materials and other equipment used in municipal construction, mining engineering, landscaping, etc. Crane truck can be operated around, also can be rotated both in positive and negative 360-degree.  Shacman truck crane can also do full range of rotation.

1. Enhance training and pay attention to checking
Operators should attach importance to the care and maintenance of crane trucks in accordance with manufacturing requirements. This can reduce the early failure incidence, prolong its service life, improve the truck crane’s usage life and bring the greatest benefits to our customers.
2. Strengthen lubrication
We should strengthen the Shacman crane truck lubrication of lubrication points. It is recommended that in the run-in period, lubrication points should be filled with grease regularly.
3. Lighten load
Lightening the load can reduce the wear of spare parts and early failure.

  • 1. Know about the size of the lifting goods and find the distance between the cargo central position and the center of the truck crane column. Check the crane lifting capacity parameter according to the distance.
  • 2. The crane truck’s lifting capacity (torque) is fixed. The larger the radius of the crane, the lighter goods it will lift. The smaller the radius of the crane, the heavier goods it will lift. (Working radius is referred to the horizontal distance between the torque center and hook.)
  • 3. Consider the truck crane lifting size and the bearing capacity of the chassis. Choose the bigger girder to reduce deformation and fracture. When we use a 230 mm girder, we should choose lorry cranes below 3 tons, while 280 mm below 8 tons. The chassis with 8 back wheels and 4 front wheels can choose crane trucks below 10 tons.
Shaanxi Automobile Group is a professional manufacturer and supplier of truck mounted cranes in China. Our company has been engaged in producing truck cranes for over 40 years. In addition to this crane truck or mobile crane, we also supply dump truck, tractor truck, cargo truck, concrete mixer truck, water truck, oil tank truck, and so forth. Our lorry cranes have been certified by ISO 9001: 2008 and have been exported to more than 80 countries including Eastern Europe and CIS countries, Africa, Southeast Asia, Central and South America, Middle East, etc.
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  • Powder Truck
    Shacman F3000 8×4 powder transport truck is typically used to transport fly ash, bulk cement, lime powder, mineral powder and the powder particle whose diameter is less than 0.1 mm. This powder material truck is extensively applied in cement plants, cement warehouses and large construction sites. It can save a lot of packaging materials and loading or unloading labor...